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    This lesson is a new type school of ukulele who musicians LinaLina started from January 2009. it is also various in our school has enrolled a wide range from beginner to advanced. We are always have been happily harmonious and lessons by the original Tab score which easy to understand. it’s the music by LinaLina presided over was arranged that the axis to sing a song while playing the ukulele. Regular lessons are all twice of a month. except lesson of Tohoku class which means Fukushima, MinamiSoma and Sendai are once a month.

    We Want new members of all classes at any time. Please contact us.
    ( Always you can start lessons at All Classes)

    LeLeLe Shibuya (Tokyo)

    The First & Third Sunday of Each Month. (twice a month)

    • 9:00am-9:45am / Kids Advanced class
      9:55am-10:35am / Kids Beginner class
      10:45am-12:15pm / Adult Beginner-Advanced mix class
      1:30pm-3:00pm / Adult Advanced class
      3:15pm-4:45pm / Adult Beginner class

    LeLeLe Nakameguro (Tokyo)

    The First & Third Tuesday of Each Month.

    • 6:45pm-8:15pm / Adult Advanced class
    • LeLeLe Kashiwa (Kashiwa, Chiba)

      • The First & Third Friday of Each Month

        • 1:30pm-3:00pm / Adult Beginner-Advanced mix class
          6:30pm-7:15pm / Kids Beginner class
        • LeLeLe Fukushima (Fukushima)

          • The Third Wednesday of Each Month. (once a month)
          • LeLeLe MinamiSoma (Fukushima)

            • The Third Wednesday of Each Month. (once a month)
            • LeLeLe Sendai (Sendai)

              • The Third Thursday of Each Month. (once a month)

              Organize Lessons

              Lessons are twice per a month. The goal is to complete a song four times to six times in the lesson ukulele codes, songs and ukulele solo.

              • a school Adult fee / 8800yen , a school Kids fee / 4850yen
                an admission fee / 10800yen
                Trial Lesson fee / 1500yen , Trial Lesson with a Rent Ukulele / 2000yen
                Please check the Terms / School Rules before you take a lesson.

              Contact and Info / Ukulele Lesson LeLeLe (Three L Partners Inc.)

              Lina Lina

              official site : linalina.com

                  Lina Lina is a musician, singer-songwriter and artist who known “as “Mermaid of the ukulele.” Her favorite food is grapes.


                  Started playing piano at the age of four years.Start the music activity when she was found ukulele in the house. And it was an opportunity to play the ukulele. She went to study music in NY and LA


                  Released their debut album “getta” in 2002.Then as her own work she released 3 albums including “LinaLina” “Enjoy!”. and also she played as a guest of many CDs.


                  LiFEwith PhotoCinema3 video production software, that has provided her new songs including

              Everyday belong to Tomorrow

                  is still fresh in our memory.


                  She played at outdoor festivals such as the sea and mountains as well as cafes and music venues. Has worked a lot as well as live that target children. Have attracted many fans in the live activities in various forms such.


                  She loves POPS. Unconventional indescribably unique style to catch the hearts of people but she is also a ukulele player.



                Mermaid of the ukulele is carrying the (sound) wave always peaceful and warm.