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    English lessons available / Ukulele Lessons LeLeLe

    This lesson is a new type school of ukulele who musicians LinaLina started from January 2009. it is also various in our school has enrolled a wide range from beginner to advanced. We are always have been happily harmonious and lessons by the original Tab score which easy to understand. it’s the music by LinaLina presided over was arranged that the axis to sing a song while playing the ukulele. Regular lessons are all twice of a month. except lesson of Tohoku class which means Fukushima, MinamiSoma and Sendai are once a month.

    We Want new members of all classes at any time. Please contact us.
    ( Always you can start lessons at All Classes)

    LeLeLe Shibuya (Tokyo)

    The First & Third Sunday of Each Month. (twice a month)

    • 9:00am-9:45am / Kids Advanced class
      9:55am-10:35am / Kids Beginner class
      10:45am-12:15pm / Adult Beginner-Advanced mix class
      1:30pm-3:00pm / Adult Advanced class
      3:15pm-4:45pm / Adult Beginner class

    LeLeLe Nakameguro (Tokyo)

    The First & Third Tuesday of Each Month.

    • 6:45pm-8:15pm / Adult Advanced class
    • LeLeLe Kashiwa (Kashiwa, Chiba)

      • The First & Third Friday of Each Month

        • 1:30pm-3:00pm / Adult Beginner-Advanced mix class
          6:30pm-7:15pm / Kids Beginner class
        • LeLeLe Fukushima (Fukushima)

          • The Third Wednesday of Each Month. (once a month)
          • LeLeLe MinamiSoma (Fukushima)

            • The Third Wednesday of Each Month. (once a month)
            • LeLeLe Sendai (Sendai)

              • The Third Thursday of Each Month. (once a month)

              Organize Lessons

              Lessons are twice per a month. The goal is to complete a song four times to six times in the lesson ukulele codes, songs and ukulele solo.

              • a school Adult fee / 8800yen , a school Kids fee / 4850yen
                an admission fee / 10800yen
                Trial Lesson fee / 1500yen , Trial Lesson with a Rent Ukulele / 2000yen
                Please check the Terms / School Rules before you take a lesson.

              Contact and Info / Ukulele Lesson LeLeLe (Three L Partners Inc.)

              Lina Lina

              official site : linalina.com

                Lina Lina, aka the ukulele mermaid, is a singer-songwriter who plays the ukulele, and who loves grapes.
                She took her first piano lesson at age four and an ukulele she found at home launched her career as a musician.

                After spending some time in New York and Los Angeles, she released her debut album ”getta” in 2002, followed by “LinaLina”, “Enjoy!” and “Ukulele Lesson LeLeLe”. Lina Lina , Her ukulele instructional book, “Ukulele Songs You Can Play with Only Five Chords” (published by Rittor Music) is a bestseller.

                Venues for her ukulele performances include cafes, live houses,beachside and mountain music festivals. She also plays at hospitals and organizes live shows for children as well as ukulele workshops. Her music casts a magical spell on her audience as she performs in various ways. Performances in Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii in May 2014 were a huge success. She performed nationwide during summer 2015 Don’s bar stage of Fuji Rock Festival and her long-waited new album, “HOME”, including“MAINICHI GA ASHITA -Everyday belong to the future!- ” released 2015 fall. And also She had a great live tour named “HOME Made Tour 2016-17”.

                As a International Artist, She performed at Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii 2014, 2016. and Taiwan Tour 2018. Hong-Kong International Ukulele Festival 2018.
                In This Year 2019, She will perform at Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii 2019. Shanghai Live Tour and Thailand Ukulele Festiaval 2019. She will take a recording for her NEW ALBUM.

                The ukulele mermaid always delivers peaceful and heartwarming vibrations (sounds).


                Lina Lina 從四歲開始學習鋼琴,並由一把在家裡找到的烏克麗麗展開了她的音樂生涯。在紐約和洛杉磯度過一段時間後,於2002年發行了出道專輯《 getta 》,之後又發行了《 LinaLina 》、《 Enjoy! 》和《 烏克麗麗課 LeLeLe 》。她的著作《 只用五個和弦就能彈夏威夷歌(“Ukulele Songs You Can Play with Only Five Chords”) 》(Rittor Music出版)也相當暢銷。
                她曾於2014、2016年在夏威夷 Ukulele Picnic 演出,皆獲得巨大的關注。2015年夏天於富士音樂祭和 Don’s Bar 演出後獲得了全國性的知名度,並於同年發行了深受期待的新專輯《 Home 》。《 MAINICHI GA ASHITA-每天都是未來! 》於2015年秋天發行,在這之後舉辦了一場名為「自家製作 2016-2017 (“HOME Made Tour 2016-2017”) 」的大型巡演,也相當成功。